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      B.A. (Psychology) University of Colorado, 1964
      M.A.(Structural Linguistics) Stanford University, 1967
      M.A.(English/Creative Writing) Stanford University, 1969
      P.h.D.(English Literature) Stanford University, 1970.
      1971-1973, Assistant Professor, York University,
      Department of English Literature
      1972, Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University
      1973-1977, Assistant Professor, Part time, York University
    The Critical Wager: Essays in Criticism and the Architecture of Ideology (Toronto: ECW Press, 1982), 196 pages.
    The Trouble With Canada: A Citizen Speaks Out (Toronto: Stoddart, 1990), 488 pages. Number One, Globe and Mail Bestseller List, August 4, 1990. Approximately 75,000 copies sold.
    The War Against the Family: A Parent Speaks Out (Toronto: Stoddart, 1993), 655 pages. Number Five, Coles National Bestseller List, Summer, 1993.Approximately 30,000 copies sold.
    Constitutional Crack-Up: Canada and the Coming Showdown With Quebec (Toronto: Stoddart, 1995), 122 pages. Over 6,000 copies sold.
    On Higher Ground: Reclaiming a Civil Society (Toronto: Stoddart, 1996), 224 pages, being a collection of weekly essays published over a one-year period in The Edmonton Journal, Sept. 1994-Sept. 1995. Number Four, McLean's Magazine, September, 1996.
    After Liberalism (Toronto: Stoddart, 1998), 251 pages. A collection of essays by conservative-minded Canadian writers.
    Canada's Founding Debates (Toronto: Stoddart, 1999),Managing Editor and contributor, with professors Janet Ajzenstat, Paul Romney and Ian Gentles, 502 pages. This is the first publication in a single volume of the best of Canada's founding debates. Many of the fine speeches in this book had not been printed since the Confederation period.
      The Trouble With Democracy (Toronto: Stoddart, 2001), 534 pages, being an interpretation of the concept of democracy from ancient times to the present.
      The Book of Absolutes: A Critique of Relativism, and a Defense of Universals (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008)

    The Trouble with Canada ... Still! (Toronto: BPS Books, 2011)

    A much-revised and up-dated version of the 1990 original.

      "Traill and Moodie: The Two Realities," The Journal of Canadian Fiction, no.2,(Spring, 1972), pp35-42. Subsequently reprinted in a special issue of The Journal of Canadian Fiction in memory of Carl Klinck, Vol ii, no.3, Summer 1973, pp75-82.
      "Literary Movements: A Dialectical Difference," published as the feature "Editor's Choice" in English Studies in Canada, vii, 4, December 1981, pp.438-55.
      "Romance, Alienation, Value: Three Pillars of Sand in Marxist Theory," in Stanford Literature Review, Spring, 1987, pp.59-80.
      "Hyperdemocracy and the Gnostic Impulse," essay presented at The Eric Voegelin Society section of the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., August 28-29, 1997
      "Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Romantic Roots of Modern Democracy," in Humanitas, Vol.XII, No.1, 1999
      "From Democracy to Hyperdemocracy," in Humanitas, Vol. XVI, No.1, 2003

    "Poetry and the Mystique of the Self in John Stuart Mill: Sources of Libertarian Socialism," in Humanitas, Vol. XXI, Nos. 1&2, 2008 

    "Getting Used to the F-Word:" in The New Criterion, October, 2011

    (on the rise of Microfascism in the Western Democracies).


      `Méditations d’un tory 1: Sur les divers sens du mot "liberté"’ in égards, Numero XVI, 2007.
      "Méditations d’un tory 11: Avortement et esclavage" in égards, Numero XVII, 2007.
      Review of George Bowering, ed., The Story So Far, in Open Letter, Second Series, no.2 (Summer 1972), pp.64-70.
      Review of Gaston Bachelard, The Right To Dream, trans. A.S. Underwood (New York: Orion Press, 1971), in Open Letter, Second Series, no3 (Fall, 1972), pp.97-100
      Review of John Simon, ed., Modern French Criticism: From Proust and Valery to Structuralism (Chicago: University of Chiago Press, 1972), in Open Letter, Second Series, no.4, 1973, pp.116-17
      Review of Matt Cohen, Columbus and the Fat Lady (Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 1972), in Open Letter, Second Series, No. 5, Summer, 1973, pp.91-2
      Review of Harry Pollock, Gabriel (Toronto: McGraw Hill ryerson, 1975) in Essays in Canadian Writing, no.4, Spring, 1976, pp.68-69.


    Review of Alan Wolfe, The Future of Liberalism (Knopf, 2009), “Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing,” in The New Criterion, March 2009.



      "Nightlost at Georgian Bay," in Waves (Toronto: York University, 1978), vol. 6, no.3
      1973-1988, President and owner of The Fitness Institute, Toronto
      1979-Present, President and owner, Gairspar Investments Ltd., Toronto
      1994-2000, Chairman, The Gairdner Foundation. Founded in 1957 by businessman and philanthropist James A. Gairdner, the foundation gives annual international awards to research scientists who have made discoveries in medical science that lead to the relief of human suffering. As of 1999, fully 254 scientists had won this award, 54 of whom subsequently won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
      1997- Present, Founder and First President of Civitas, a national organization of 300 prominent academics, journalists, authors, and interested citizens. Civitas was founded to promote and deepen understanding of the problems of freedom and order in modern society.
      * Silver Medal, Decathlon, Pan American Games, 1963, Sao Paulo, Brazil
      * 11th place, Decathlon, Olympic Games, Tokyo, 1964
      * 6th. place, 400 meters hurdles, Commonwealth Games, 1966 - Jamaica, and 1970 - Edinburgh
      * Gold Medal, 400 meters hurdles, Canada vs. Italy International Meet, Sardinia, 1971
      * 1980-1985, Founder and first President, Canadian Masters Cross-Country Ski Association.
      * 1983-1990, Founder and first President, World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association, currently with 21 member nations.