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     That elegant defender of the free society, Charles Montesquieu (d.1755), to whom so much is owed for the creation of modern liberties, knew better than most how liberty ends. It inevitably falls victim to the craze for an enforced political and social equality, or uniformity, fuelled by ferocious envy and coercion. Sometimes, even a great mind may fall victim to this folly, he warned - but "it infallibly strikes small ones."
     The recent United Nations Conference on Population and Development was yet another globaloney love-in for 18,000 of these equalizers, who are now back home planning ways to extract $17 billon (U.S.) from the rest of the world to fuel their "cultural revolution."
     They're culture-hip now, because economic socialism, after wasting, oh, somewhere between 50 and 100 million human beings in the name of equality since 1917, through labour camps, forced famine and liquidation, only equalized misery. Then it crashed rather spectacularly on a monday in January, 1990. Poof!
     So the economic radicals said, "It's not my fault," and overnight became social and sexual radicals. If you can't forcibly equalize people's incomes, why, then, go for their minds and values. The public may be excused for any looming sense of, well...let's call it suffocation by do-gooders.
     So these legions of crushed believers are now the true dinosaurs of our time, and they're out there foraging with a vengeance. Annual U.N. "Summits" are just the collective grunting of this distraught and hungry herd when, about once every twelve months, they smell a new, and very green food source, most often baled in U.S. denominations and guaranteed to supply them with more tenure and power.
     Alas, the Deep Thinkers will never get it. They haven't figured out that the trade-off for civilization is not liberty AND equality, but liberty OR equality. They haven't figured out that more equality means more government, and absolute equality, absolute government.
     Foraging ahead, they have just informed the globe that "the family" is the basic unit of society. Yet the U.N.'s slogan for the family is "the smallest democracy at the heart of society." Now that's delirious. Laughable. Just try to imagine all the parents of the world asking their children to vote each morning on whether or not they ought to go to school, or use good manners, or respect their elders.
     What's their Motive? Simple. The family defined as a democracy helps undermine parental authority and shifts power to children who, once armed with their new U.N.-defined "rights" will, as minors, then need to rely on lots of social workers and bureaucrats to assert these rights against their parents and society. Get it? It's a full-employment program in disguise.
     Then we are told the "empowerment" of women is crucial to the world; that men and women should "participate" in productive and reproductive life, and should "share responsibility" for children and housekeeping. Countries are ordered to "eliminate inequalities" between men and women as soon as possible.
     Normally, humans "participate" in, and "share" things voluntarily. But what this empowerment notion clearly implies is that women as a victim class are too stupid and docile to "empower" themselves, so a new status is to be conferred on them through enforced, tax-funded social and "reproductive rights" programs.
     In the Deep Thinker sense, this means that all men and women shall think, value, feel, and work exactly the same way, as dictated and measured by Summit criteria. Sweden has already introduced programs to enforce this sort of automaton herd-behaviour through its government "Daddy Group." The Group actually withholds bonuses from all fathers who simply do not wish to spend their first three months at home on tax-funded paid leave with each newborn. Any free-minded person would surely judge a Swede an idiot for accepting such state regulation of personal life. But Swedes have no choice.
     So finally from Cairo we get the most mindless feminist slogan of all, "my body, my right." This is trotted out to justify state-financed mother-murder of babies if they are considered inconvenient in any way. They call it "health care." (With exceptions. Feminists say you mustn't abort the mildly disabled, or for sex selection reasons, but if they're perfectly healthy - why, it's down the toilet!)
     If you retort that women ought more often to exercise their moral right to refuse the risks of sex in the first place - or accept the human consequences - they will plead they had no choice. They could not help themselves. In other words, if I mess my doorstep, society cleans it up.
     But they are not "controlling" birth, as G.K. Chesterton observed. They are ensuring there isn't any birth to control. Let's get the language straight.
     Add to that the U.N.'s exhortation for nations to sidestep parental authority and supply all "adolescents" with tax-funded "confidential" sex information and "education", and...What can I say? Such programs were meant to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies, and abortions. Yet everywhere they have been introduced all three have risen dramatically.
     Everything considered, what we have here is yet another neat little anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-family socialist revolution from the top, engineered by the world's liberal elites, and funded once again by the sucker taxpayers of the world. You and me, that is. It's time to secede and start a free country.

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