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Released October 1, 2010

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A fresh look at the country 20 years after the book that sparked a conservative renewal

Canada suffered a regime-change in the last quarter of the twentieth-century, and is now caught between two irreconcilable styles of government: a top-down collectivism and a bottom-up individualism. In this completely revised update of his best-selling classic, William Gairdner shows how Canada has been damaged through a dangerous love affair with the former. Familiar topics are put under a searing new light, and recent issues such as immigration, diversity, and corruption of the law are confronted head on as Gairdner comes to many startling - and sure to be controversial - conclusions. This book is a bold clarion call to arms for Canada to examine and renew itself ... before it is too late.

$24.95 paperback · 448 pages
Publishing in October 2010


The Truth Will Make You Free!
Watch the Scales Fall From Your Eyes, As You Read About ...

  • The Betrayal of Our Founders: How Canada Changed from an Open Society Founded on ordered Liberty, to an over-regulated Big-Government country
  • Canada’s Dangerous Flirtation with Official Racism: The Links Between Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Terrorism
  • Radicals at the Helm: Our Journey from Funding Radical Feminism, to Official Anti-Family Policies and Prejudice Against Men
  • How We Lost Our Medical Freedom: The Truth About the Failures of Socialized Medicine
  • Parliament Neutered: How Judges Have Usurped Our Democracy
  • “Canada-At-A-Glance”: 25 Brand-New Charts on Our Economic, Tax, and Debt Profile
  • The Scandal of the Welfare State: How We Are Soaking Each Other to Pay Each Other
  • Foreign Aid? Domestic Scandal! How Many Corrupt Nations Waste Foreign Aid or Use It for Military Purposes
  • Criminal Injustice: Read About Our Soft-headed Thinking on Crime and How, in a Thirty-Year Period, Violent Criminals released Too Soon or Free on Parole, Murdered Over 500 innocent Canadians!