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On Higher Ground: Reclaiming a Civil Society



Table of Contents

1) It's A Question of Vision5) "Health" In A Sick Society
- A Tyranny of Individuals- No Freedom To Heal Ourselves
- The Pay-Equity Feeding Frenzy- Nature Is Bad For You
- Con Artists- Condomnation
- Government Jocks and Jockettes- More Truth About Condoms
- Our Nurturing Nightmare- The Abortion-Cancer Link Covered Up
- Which One Is The Wife?- When Humans Are Defined As Things
- Let's Write A Contract With Canada- The Street Of The Dead Fetuses
- The Mythical Money Monster
2) On Culture Wars6) A Liberal Education
- Parochialism of Race and Blood- Only Public Education Is In Crisis
- We Do Have a Culture!- Vouching For The Voucher System
- When Poppies Trump Turbans- The Educational Jackboot
- Soften the Mind - Grab The Land- Junk Science
- Porn Destroys What Is Good- Darwins's Monkey Business
- Why Should The Charter Protect Appetites?- Canada's Slave Tradition
A Feverish Search For "Equality"- Defiant Townsfolk Defend A Slave
3) Separation Anxieties7) The Morality Thing
- Hell No! Quebec Can't Go- Spectres of "Reason"
- The Separation Kid- New Right Talks Like Old Left
- One Lousy Voice - Everyone's Destiny- Can Democracy Be Moral?
- Stompin' Tom Put It Best- Suffocated By Do-Gooders
- Crazy People Don't Really Laugh
4) It's A Crime- The Most Evil Lie Of All?
- Dostoevsky's quivering Tail- Moral Vision, Moral Society
- Gender Bashing Hurts Us All
- "Hate Law" a Tombstone For Free Thinking8) Some Matters Of Conviction
- Criminal Injustice- He Knew What He Stood For
- Less Gun Control, More Self Control- Small Death, Big Lesson
- Stifling A "Sig Heil"- Form a "Hissing Cauldron of Lust" to the Mind of God
- Unjust Laws A Danger To Society
- False Mercy

* "A healthy democracy needs a healthy debate about ideas. A healthy mind needs to be challenged in its thinking. That's why I asked Bill Gairdner to write a column for The Edmonton Journal -- not because he generally agrees with our editorial page view (or my personal views) but because he doesn't. I enjoy reading well-argued and well-written opinions of all kinds. If you do, too, and if you enjoy having your thinking challenged, read this book..."
~ Murdoch Davis, Editor in Chief, The Edmonton Journal

* "This self-styled 'voice of the silent majority' speaks in calm, measured phrases that reveal his fascination with philosophy and love of a good debate."
~ The Calgary Herald

* "With On Higher Ground, Gairdner has found his touch. In many of the pieces he treats readers to the aphoristic turns of phrase that transform ephemeral journalism into enduring essay."
~ Peter Stockland, Calgary Herald

* "You can rely on pre-eminent social conservative William D. Gairdner to tell things as they are - no matter how intellectually unfashionable his view, or how unpopular it may make him ... [though] he is not unpopular, of course, with legions of Canadians who hold similar beliefs and regard him as their champion."
~ Alberta Report

* "William Gairdner sends those on the left into fits of apoplexy ... the Journal brought the former Olympian-author-farmer on board to balance the left-wing tone of its editorial pages, and that's precisely what he's done - often to the outrage of readers, who regularly demand that he be fired."
~ The New Brunswick Reader