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Constitutional Crack-Up: 

Canada and the Coming Showdown With Quebec



Table of Contents

1) What Is A Constitution, Anyway?4) The Dynamics of Decline
Is it for the People, or for the State?How a Constitution Meant to Preserve Society, Can destroy It
2) A Judicial Civil War5) The Crack-Up
Our  Choice:  A Free Society Under a Just Law,  or  an "Equal" Society Under Corrupt LawThe Coming Showdown With Quebec
3) The Real Thing6) Reconstitution
A Constitution is about Rules, Not DealsBecoming Whole Again


For the information of readers, 5,000 copies of this book were initially printed. The book was released on a Monday morning, and sold out by the same Wednesday evening. It triggered a landslide of panicky press reaction - some of which is given below - to a reasonable warning in the book that any unilateral declaration of independence could lead to strife and bloodshed.

* "CIVIL WAR IN QUEBEC? - That's what conservative author predicts if separatists win ... Gairdner said that if Quebec votes to separate with a simple majority vote, the federal government will have a political, moral and legal obligation to protect the interests and property of millions of Quebecers who want to remain in Canada."
~ Toronto Sun

* "BLOODY, ARMED CONFLICT FORECAST IF QUEBEC DECIDES TO SEPARATE FROM CANADA" - Gairdner says: "The federation, if anything, should have the referendum, not the complaining part."
~ Vancouver Sun