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After Liberalism



Table of Contents

William Gairdner: Introduction ~ on The Meaning of Conservatism
- Janet Ajzenstat ~ The Conservatism of the Canadian Founders
- F.L. Morton ~ The Charter of Rights: Myth and Reality
- William D. Gairdner ~ Democracy Against The Family
- Allan Carlson ~ The Family and the Welfare State
- Mark Holmes ~ A Conservative Education
- Peter Stockland ~ Contact Conservatism
- Michael A. Walker ~ What's Right, Who's Left, and What's Leftover
- Tom Flanagan and Stephen Harper ~Conservative Politics in Canada: Past, Present, and Future
- Michael Coren ~ Conservative At Heart
- J. Budziszewski ~ Conscience Will Have Its Revenge: Natural Law and Social Collapse


The long love affair with modern liberalism is over.  More and more people in Canada, the United States, and other Western countries are turning their backs on big government.  Everywhere they look they see society in trouble and they are no longer convinced that more tax dollars and bureaucracy can solve the obvious problems visible in such areas as family life, education, health care, and community.  They want to correct the liberal imbalance between rights and responsibilities, individualism and community, public and private initiatives.  But if modern liberalism is facing its Waterloo,what comes next? 

Now this new book, After Liberalism, gathers the thoughts of major thinkers of our day to demonstrate the virtues of a more certain approach - for people who believe it is important to know what is good and how to conserve it.  Here is a collection of well-informed, well-argued conservative essays that unflinchingly confront and question most of the issues that have been out of the public spotlight for too long.

After Liberalism presents arresting essays written by some of the brightest minds of conservatism in our day, including Janet Ajzenstat of McMaster University, F.L. Morton of the University of Calgary, J. Budziszewski of the University of Texas, Allan Carson of the Rockford Institute, and controversial journalists William D. Gairdner, Michael Coren, and Peter Stockland.  These and other writers range over today's concerns, from the failing education system, to the family and welfare, to the clash between legislatures and the judiciary on social and moral issues.  After Liberalism clearly and concisely invites thoughtful citizens once again to renew the needed search for freedom, virtue, and order - classical ideas that must be rediscovered, balanced, and conserved.

* "After Liberalism serves as William Gairdner's latest attempt to provide fresh air to those who would climb Canada's political, economic, and cultural peaks ... it is a book that challenges Canadians' perception of their history ... no one will agree with everything in After Liberalism - but this book is full of ideas"
~ Marke Milke, The Taxpayer

* "Here are some of Canada's finest conservative minds (and two Americans) on the topics that most concern them."
~ John Robson, B.C. Report

* "After Liberalism is a collection of 11 essays on a variety of issues dear to the hearts of Canadian small-c conservatives ... [it is] a "tour d'horizon" of the conservative landscape ... wherever you fit on the right-left, conservative-liberal spectrum, there is much in After Liberalism to chew on."
~ Jeff Ball, The National Citizens' Coalition