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Abortion at the Polls
©William Gairdner

     Legislators all over the “civilized” world will soon be put to an excruciating test of their values. Correction. Will soon have to face the possibility they have lost their values altogether.
     Even hardened pro-abortion types (known as "pro-choice" by the media) are gagging at the new American procedure called "D & X" - short for "Dilation and Extraction." This is a technique used for late-term abortions (estimated to be about 3-4% of the total in both countries), that is - on sizeable babies, some up to four or five pounds.
     This clever and gruesome new procedure attempts to solve three problems at once. First, it ensures that the late-term aborted baby will not survive - as is sometimes embarrassingly the case (Embarassing for the abortionist, that is. It's traumatic for the mother). Second, it kills the baby before, not as, it leaves the mother's body. This allows the physician to escape the legal charge of murdering a "born-alive" child, as opposed to a "fetus." And third, it allows the medical team to harvest fresh healthy brain cells for use in experiments or the treatment of various adult illnesses.
     Here's how it works. The abortionist inserts a forceps into the birth canal and starts pulling the baby out by one leg. Then, with his hands, he wriggles the rest of the baby out - except for the head, which he intentionally leaves inside the mother. At this point, he pushes the sharp tips of a pair of scissors into the base of the baby's skull, then forces open the tips sufficiently to leave a hole. (This is all done without anaesthesia, so we must assume the baby is in great pain).
     Finally, the abortionist inserts a suction device into the hole, and sucks out the baby's brains. The baby's skull then collapses. The dead baby is pulled out. The warm, healthy brain cells can immediately be transferred for use in experiments, or for the treatment of patients. Or even for the not-so-sick. Read on...
     An August, 1992 article in the Toronto Star by James Christie warned that future Olympic athletes may use "baby power" to win Gold Medals by injecting fresh fetal cells from elective abortions into injured muscle tissue. Phil Embleton, a researcher on such matters said when you are dealing with multi-million dollar salaries, "morals go out the window," and that after the use of aborted baby tissues for injuries, the next stage would be their use on healthy athlete bodies to build strength.
     Well, now...somehow it's an effort to thrill at the sight of a man setting a new world record in the high jump thanks to the bouncy cells of aborted babies.
     But the broader political question must surely be this: How is it possible that in Canada, a "democracy" meant to reflect the will of the people, in which the majority have always disapproved of most abortions, that we now have no law of any kind, against abortion of any kind, even those performed very late, on very large children, even, if this procedure is used, with everything delivered except the head?
     Maybe Canadians (and Americans, a nation whose people have never approved of abortion either) ought to insist on their representatives obeying their wishes?

Even Liberals Protest

     To its credit, the liberal Boston Globe ran a finely detailed survey on abortion attitudes in 1989, which reflected this same picture, and showed that when questioned closely, even most liberals do not support abortion on demand - except in certain circumstances. The Globe findings strongly suggest that even the pro-choice majority "would be ready to outlaw most of the abortions that are actually performed." ("The Abortion War," National Review, November 2, 1992). So whose running these countries, anyway?

Radicals At The Helm

     For Ontarians wondering what's in store for them, Bob Rae's socialist government assembled a highly radical "Task Force" on abortion and published its recommendations in December of 1992. Among them are mandates requiring hospitals to perform abortions (some have refused in the past); forcing all physicians and nurses (who are refusing in increasing numbers) to make "abortion referrals," regardless of personal conscience, as a "professional responsibility"; and many other provisions force the philosophy and practice of abortion on demand as a "right" into school curricula and sex-ed courses, and into the job descriptions of a host of social workers.

Down With The Sanctity of Life

     Alas, the masses have not yet figured out that the growing welfare State has a vested interest in the de-spiritualization of all human life, thus reinforcing the false concept that human beings at all life stages are only material things. Once thus conceived, our value can be determined by the State, and we are then increasingly vulnerable to the economic manipulations of social policy experts. Think hard about this if you or a loved one ever suffers a terminal illness in a Canadian hospital. Better check the orange juice. Maybe get the nurse to drink a glass first?